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La nostra scuola equestre offre dei lezioni di equitazione in italiano.
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Unser Reitclub bietet Reitstunden in deutscher Sprache.
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Our Facility

Our facility, which was founded on a small land in İshaklı Köy, Beykoz in 2008 with the name of Dila Country Club, has turned into a modern riding club which you preferred fondly and approvingly. Everything is renovated from manege boxes, changing rooms to the restaurants and now its land is bigger than the beginning. Besides these, in 2012 name of our facility replaced with the name of Dila Rider Sports Club and had a federate club identity by joining Turkish Equestrian Federation.

There are four maneges in our facility, in which there is horse-riding training programs for each level with trained well-kept horses and both national and international experienced trainers: one open manege measuring 80 X 50 m, one covered manege measuring 65 X 35 m, one half open manege measuring 55 X 25 m, one open pony manege measuring 20 X 10 m which is used for our pony trainings,

There is special silica and a product called prosol on all manege floors in order to minimize jockey wounding and keep the health of horses. Also debris and water accumulation are prevented by building up manege floors including six layers. In our maneges, special lightings, special roof systems, special gables and insulating materials are used.

We are carrying out maintenance of floors which are prepared for the comfort of our horses and jockeys, with professional equestrian maintenance machines.       

We have view terraces on which you can watch ridings on maneges when it is sunny. And the barriers on raceways are built with materials of international quality which are imported from abroad having special design and not harmful for your horses.

In our club there are also ponies for junior riders. For example, for the ones who are 5 years old there are rides with ponies accompanied by a trainer and a stableman; for the ones over five years old there are riding training lessons given by professional trainers; in summer holidays there are riding trainings both theoretical and practical as well as swimming lessons as a part of our summer school programs. Also there are supportive lessons for mentally retard people’s hippotherapy treatment process.                

Our club, which hosts horse races organized by Turkish Equestrian Federation, there are 150 boxes for club horses, pension horses and guest horses. Also there is a big paddock, on which they can eat fresh grass, in order to make horses feel at nature and good for their rehabilitations.

There are a horseshoe-house, a solarium machine which helps horses relaxing and preventing muscle pain, a lonj field in which horses coached one to one, a system called walker on which horses can walk and whose speed is controllable.

There is a permanent veterinarian in our club in which there are stablemen caring horses one to one and also a specialist veterinarian who makes medical examinations of race horses of Olympic Games, for routine controls of our horses. Feeding and practicing programs of our horses are scheduled and implemented by professional veterinarians and trainers.

There is security camera system all over the facility from inside to maneges via which ridings and trainings are watched 24 hours 365 days.

Our horse transportations (van), which are used for new horses or the ones racing in different cities, are also in service for our horse owners benefiting from our facility.

Besides its riding activities Dila Rider Sports Club, in which there are three indoor and 1 outdoor restaurant, hosts business meetings, group dinners, birthday parties, brunches etc. In our club having an outdoor pool and a playground, there are two car parks with 200-300 car capacity and in which there is valet parking. All indoor and outdoor places in our facility are disinfected periodically under the control of PES Control Company which is of international quality.

Dila Rider Sports Club provides priceless service for its visitors with its position which is both near and out of the city, its Professional service quality and smiling personnel.

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